Chiara Gelardin

Therapeutic Consultant / Arts-based Counsellor / Coach

I aim to provide a quality of presence and a welcoming space for clients to find and explore what needs tending to and what wants to be better known, included, expressed, released and witnessed.

The question of belonging underlies a lot of what I do – BE: what’s preventing or is needed for a greater and better relationship with one’s body and life in the present moment? LONGING: when you turn inwards what or who is really calling?

I grew up in London to a Spanish mother and an Italian/American father with French and Egyptian roots and have also lived in New York for a number of years. I’ve trained and worked as a lawyer, and then in film finance, production & international sales (including a successful, recent start-up) – all of which in all of its richness, challenges and variety I bring to my practice enhancing my interest in supporting clients to find ‘home’ within themselves and in their place in the world.

My business background informs the work I do with companies, including team workshops, individual mentoring and providing a creative insight into the obstacles and needs of the organisation.

I often use the therapeutic arts in sessions to help connect to and communicate what is more subtle, more challenging, more mysterious, deeper, or not-yet-formed. In my experience the therapeutic arts are well suited to ‘soul searching’ and they also make for a process that is often surprising and undoubtedly more alive and embodied.

As a counsellor and coach I am also enriched by a regular 5 rhythms and movement practice, and years of Focusing and constellation work. My own learning is woven into the way I work and I find it important to accompany clients to find what is most resourcing for you: what brings you a little more room to breathe, a little more freedom to move?

Education & Training(s)

Other trainings, courses, workshops & work experience

Target audience

Adult individuals and groups.